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E-Learning Supporters Look to the Future

August 04, 2008 10:22 AM
by Christopher Coats
Educators and innovators are looking ahead to see how emerging technologies and philosophies will assure that a wired education system is a prepared one.

30-Second Summary

Looking ahead to a learning environment that blends new technologies and traditional teaching methods, educators and entrepreneurs are blazing a path forward toward planetwide education and information access.

In addition to the idea of universal access for both hardware and information, a central theme of this movement is the idea of personal learning environments. In hopes of sidestepping the challenges presented by classes of students with varied educational needs, teachers are increasingly looking to online options to create environments that will adjust to the needs of each individual student.

Using a host of tools including Webcasting, podcasts, virtual worlds and community platforms, educators are looking to a time when students can approach their studies in the style and pace best suited for their personal needs.

These tools, proponents hope, will also serve to help counter criticism that online learning is ineffective because of an absence of human contact and interaction.

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