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Factory Explosion Reported in Boston Suburb

January 12, 2009 01:25 PM
by Anne Szustek
The Wollaston Alloys factory in Braintree, Mass., was evacuated following an explosion occurring shortly before noon EST Monday. So far no serious injuries have been reported.

Two Taken to Hospital in Factory Explosion, Says Deputy Police Chief

Windows of the Wollaston Alloys factory building, located in Braintree, Mass., outside of Boston, exploded at approximately 11:40 a.m. EST, and employees were evacuated following the blast Monday morning.

Wollaston Alloys manufactures air-set and shell-molded castings, according to the company’s Web site.

The immediate cause of the blast is unknown. Officials from the Mass. state fire marshal are heading to the site to investigate, reports The Boston Globe.

Two of the evacuees were taken to the hospital, Braintree Deputy Police Chief Russ Jenkins told Boston ABC affiliate WCVB. “A lot of windows got blown out,” Jenkins said. “Two people went to the hospital—one with back pain and one with chest pain.” Boston NBC station WHDH reported four were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, as well as cited Jenkins.

Employees were covered in soot as they escaped, Bob Bachman, who works across the street from Wollaston Alloys, told WHDH.

Martha Marsden, who works next door to the site of the blast, told The Boston Globe, “It was such a large boom that the snow came flying off the roof of our building. Once the smoke cleared we began to notice that windows had been blown out of the building and part of the roof may have imploded.”

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