TeamConnor Highlights Internet’s Potential to Do Good

July 22, 2009 12:00 PM
by Anita Gutierrez-Folch
The death of 8-year-old cancer patient Connor Cruse has raised awareness of his initiative to use the Web to raise funds for cancer treatment and research.

E-mails Continue to Pour In

Although 8-year-old Connor Cruse lost his battle against cancer neuroblastoma on July 10, the TeamConnor Cancer Foundation his family created in order to raise money for pediatric cancer treatment and research lives on, drawing thousands of supporters from around the globe.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Connor’s Web site,, has gotten thousands of hits from more than 70 countries and “[p]rayers came all the way from the International Space Station.” Condolences were even e-mailed from Romania.

The extent to which Connor touched people’s hearts extended well beyond his death: more than 1,000 people visited Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, to pay their condolences to his family at the visitation, and 4,000 attended his funeral, forming a procession of 500 vehicles. “It was a testimony of God’s grace,” Mike Buster, Executive Pastor at Prestonwood, told The Morning News. “And really a symbol of the countless lives that Connor touched through his fight.”

In a eulogy posted on the homepage of Connor’s Web site, David Alvey expressed his happiness and relief for Connor’s freedom from sickness and pain. “Praise the Lord!” Connor is free! Free of cancer. Free of pain and horrendous treatments and boring hospitals,” he wrote.

Tait Cruse, Connor’s father, tried to explain the international pull of Connor’s cause. “Connor touched so many people because he’s just like anyone else’s 8-year-old child or grandchild,” he told The Morning News. “Regardless of culture or language, they understand.”

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