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Pets Neglected During Recession, but Help Is Available

July 20, 2009 07:00 AM
by Haley A. Lovett
Some pet owners who can’t afford treatment or care are now letting pets go without care or giving them up to shelters, continuing a yearlong trend.

When Owners Lose Jobs, Pets Lose Care, Homes

A report by the American Veterinary Medical Association showed that visits to the veterinarian were down in 2008, and that pet owners were generally opting for cheaper treatments or postponing care altogether, reports Richard Abshire of the Dallas Morning News.

This comes as Pet Airways begins flights on its airline exclusively for pets, a risky move when some owners are being forced to give up their furry friends.

Abshire also noted that shelters were seeing an uptick in owner surrenders of pets to local shelters in Texas, with many owners citing a loss of income as a reason for the surrender.

Although shelters are now noticing a distinct increase in household pet abandonment, pets with more expensive care needs, such as horses, have long been suffering due to the economic hardships of their owners. In Oct. 2008, Isabel Cowles of findingDulcinea reported that British and American shelters have been overwhelmed by the need of owners to give up their horses. Even at that time, the article mentioned the growing need for adoptions of household pets, with owners facing foreclosure.

And while the need for assistance with pets is on the rise, the help available has also increased.

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