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Edward Anderton

Identity Thief Edward Anderton Is Sentenced

November 14, 2008 06:15 PM
by Shannon Firth
Edward Anderton, the co-conspirator in an elaborate identity theft scheme, has received a four-year sentence following his guilty plea.

Modern-Day ‘Clyde’ Sentenced

Beginning in 2006, Edward Anderton, 25, and Jocelyn Kirsch, 23, the so-called “‘Bonnie and Clyde’ of identity theft” stripped family, friends and colleagues of more than $116,000, that they used to finance their world travels, designer clothes, and glamorous lifestyle. When the police searched their Philadelphia home last November, they found a scanner, an industrial machine for making ID cards and keys to their neighbors’ apartments and mailboxes.

On Friday, November 14, Anderton was sentenced to four years in prison. In October, Kirsch was sentenced to five years in prison, and ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution.
Anderton was expected to receive a lighter sentence than Kirsch, who already had a police file that included retail theft. Kirsch even attempted to use a stolen credit card while on bail.

Anderton’s attorney, Lawrence S. Krasner,  said his client believed himself “equally culpable with Ms. Kirsch.”  However, Krasner added that Anderton's relationship with Kirsch was “toxic” and “that Mr. Anderton's permanently ending that relationship will be a positive factor in his rehabilitation.” According to Krasner, Anderton has been working to repay the victims of his crime.

Lies, Theft and the High Life

A Rolling Stone exposé portrayed Kirsch as a petty thief and pathological liar who claimed to know 11 different languages and to be a former Olympic pole vaulter. Anderton, her book-smart, good-looking, but apparently naïve and previously unpopular boyfriend, seemed to enjoy the attention he reaped from dating the attractive, flirtatious Kirsch.

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