Ruling Zimbabwean Party Pushes for Presidential Run-off

April 04, 2008 05:59 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Incumbent President Robert Mugabe’s party Zanu-PF announced it favors another round of voting, claiming the opposition did not receive 50 percent of the vote.

30-Second Summary

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change says its candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, secured 50.3 percent of the vote. More than a 50 percent lead would secure the presidency. 

However, according to the BBC, an independent projection shows the MDC only receiving 49 percent.

The delay in releasing the official results of last Saturday’s presidential election has let to unrest and international protest.

Blog Sokwanele reports that Zanu-PF youths acted as provocateurs, dressing as MDC officials to enter MDC headquarters in a bid to stir up unrest. Zanu-PF members also “were told that the MDC had brought back all of the white people from the region to take back the farms.”

Kofi Annan has called on Zimbabwean authorities “to declare the election results faithfully and accurately.” Analysts and bloggers within Zimbabwe are not so confident that this will happen, however.

An unnamed analyst interviewed on a Reuters clip said, “It is very likely that Mugabe will try every trick in the book.”

“There is a very real possibility that Mugabe will tell the ZEC to declare that he won a plurality of the vote … A rerun of the presidential poll would allow Zanu-PF a second chance to intimidate the electorate and fix the result,” writes Zimbabwe-based news source Politicsweb.

State-run paper The Herald contends that Mugabe’s party is struggling against an American and British-led conspiracy, and “would like to congratulate … Zanu-PF for putting up a spirited fight to keep the revolution alive.”

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