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Six Best Sites for Celebrating Passover
Beyond the basic rules and traditions, Passover can be a personalized holiday; every family celebrates in its own fashion. Create a Passover celebration that’s all your own with the help of these six Web sites.
Passover Guide: History, Traditions, Seders, and Food
Passover is the Jewish spring holiday that celebrates the biblical story of the exodus of the ancient Jews from Egypt, where they were slaves. Modern Jews often use the occasion to honor various types of individual, political and social freedoms. This Web Guide explains it all.
Great Kosher Wines
kosher wines
If you're visiting a Jewish home for Passover, consider bringing a bottle of kosher wine. There's more to kosher wine these days than just Manischewitz or Kedem; it's a rapidly growing sector of the market that includes fine wines from all over the world. This article gives you background information, buying tips and recommendations for all types of kosher wine.

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