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Travel to Thailand should bring you close to the country’s rich traditions, renowned natural features and gracious people. Whether you’re interested in Buddhism or Muay Thai (Thai boxing), are longing to see Thailand’s awe-inspiring mountains and beaches, or want to explore colorful cities like Bangkok, the resources in this guide will help. Find cheap flights to Thailand, learn how to get around the country, find a place to stay and gain a better understanding of Thailand’s attractions and culture.

Thailand Attractions

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Travel Requirements for Thailand

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Getting to Thailand

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Thailand Hotels

Different Thai cities offer a variety of accommodations. The budget traveler can find solace in the hostels and the backpacking and camping possibilities. The luxury traveler will be equally content with Bangkok’s high-class hotels and the beautiful beach resorts of Thailand’s coastal towns and cities. The following Web sites can make finding a place to stay that much simpler.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Thailand presents an assortment of accommodations, including unique hotels and hostels with no hot water. There’s something suiting every budget.
  • Luxury travelers are in luck in Thailand. Some of the world’s grandest hotels and resorts are here, including the Sofitel Hua Hin and The Oriental in Bangkok. Even if you can’t afford a stay, walk through the lobby or stop in for a drink just for the experience.

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Getting Around in Thailand

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Thailand Travel Blogs and Forums

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