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Route 66 may no longer appear on most maps, but road tripping is as popular as ever. In this guide you’ll find all the resources you need to plan a trip that’s as smooth as a freshly paved highway. Get ideas, maps and even a list of the 50 greatest driving songs of all time.

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Maps for Road Tripping

Although stopping to ask for directions every mile might help you meet more people on your trip, it’ll slow you down considerably (and not in that good, “we-took-the-scenic-route” kind of way). Instead, use the sites below to find online maps and customized driving directions, purchase road maps, or even turn your cell phone into a navigation device.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • If you’re taking a long road trip, you may not want to rely solely on online maps. A really good road atlas goes into greater detail and is nice to have aboard in case you stray from your intended path. We recommend the “American Map 2008 United States Road Atlas.” This atlas is spiral bound for easy browsing; has road maps of the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico along with inset maps of major U.S. cities; as well as mileage and driving times covering the entire area between central Canada and central Mexico.
  • Gas stations almost always sell local maps that usually list smaller roads not found on more general maps. If you plan to stay in a town for a few days, consider buying a map to foster your exploration.
  • Some sites that calculate driving directions, such as MapQuest and GoogleMaps, let you choose your route based on certain preferences, such as avoiding tolls, or avoiding main roads.

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