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Road Trips

Route 66 may no longer appear on most maps, but road tripping is as popular as ever. In this guide you’ll find all the resources you need to plan a trip that’s as smooth as a freshly paved highway. Get ideas, maps and even a list of the 50 greatest driving songs of all time.

Planning a Road Trip

Just because Jack Kerouac hit the road without a plan doesn’t mean you should. If you have ... read more »

Road Trip Tips

Although road trips have a strong presence in media and pop culture, following in the footsteps (or tire marks) of Chevy Chase is not going to get you anywhere. For practical information such as how to clean your engine, keep the kids busy in the back seat, or keep the driver awake, explore the sites below.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • If you’re looking to buy a car, do maintenance on your current car or prepare it for a road trip, there are a few sites for car care below, and many more in the findingDulcinea Cars Web Guide.
  • Membership in AAA can be very useful in case of an emergency. Check out the site, listed below, for more information.

Dulcinea's Picks

For general advice …
For car packing and comfort …  
For stuff to do on the road …
For car repairs and maintenance …
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Maps for Road Tripping

Although stopping to ask for directions every mile might help you meet more people on your trip, ... read more »

Road Trip Blogs

AAA may be able to help you out in a real emergency, but if you’re more interested in ... read more »

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