Types of Religious Vacations


Religious Travel

The meaning of religious travel varies from pilgrim to pilgrim. The Web provides resources on each of the many ways that people undertake religious trips, including volunteer trips with religious organizations, religious spas and baths, pilgrimages such as the Muslim Hajj, and journeys to religious cities and sites around the world. This guide explores the various forms of religious travel and provides essential online tools to aid your travel planning.

Learning about Religious Tourism

The international religious travel market now takes in a reported $18 billion every year. To learn ... read more »

Types of Religious Vacations

Taking a religious vacation can be quite leisurely, such as a Christian cruise with musical performances and various on-board social events, or intensive and draining, such as an on-foot pilgrimage to Mecca. In this section are Web sites detailing the choices available for religious travelers, including volunteering trips, visits to religious sites around the world, and active and wellness vacations with religious themes.

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  • The findingDulcinea Travel Web Guide can help you put together a religious trip with online flight and hotel searches, advice for getting around once you arrive in a destination, and tips for passports, visas and various other travel requirements.
  • Even if you don’t consider yourself very religious, don’t discount sites of religious or spiritual significance as potential travel destinations. There’s not much difference between tourists and religious pilgrims, according to a USAToday.com article.

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Historic Religious Travel

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