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New York City Guide

You don't have to be a native New Yorker to act like one—not if you use our New York City Guide. Want to seamlessly travel between neighborhoods, find the city's best pizza or learn insider tips on hotels or permanent housing? Our New York City Web Guide points you to the Big Apple’s vast array of fun activities: Visit New York’s most famous attractions, see a show, catch the big game, attend a gallery opening, spot a celebrity and much more. We also offer a Spanish-language version of the Guide.

Exploring NYC

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NYC Restaurants

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NYC Shopping

New York City shopping is like shopping in paradise, regardless of your budget. Whether you’re in search of designer threads or aching to score a perfectly faded vintage t-shirt, you can find it on a New York City shopping spree. In this section, we’ll show you where to find stores suiting your style and wallet, including New York City sample sales, flea markets, thrifts stores and a few surprises mixed in.

Insights for NYC Shopping

  • You can find anything in New York, even a shoe store with its very own zip code, but you can’t do it all at once. Before you begin browsing the Web or the racks, it helps to establish a focus: what style are you going for? What is your price range? How far off the beaten path are you willing to tread? Once you’ve nailed down these essentials, finding stores, neighborhoods, and specific items is a piece of cake.
  • For smaller boutiques, try smaller neighborhoods (for example, SoHo and various neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn).
  • Becoming familiar with the layout of New York can ease your shopping exploits. Consult the transportation section of this guide if you don’t know Cobble Hill from Chelsea.
  • New York City flea market shopping has long been a favorite pursuit New Yorkers but according to New York Magazine, flea markets’ heyday might have passed as real estate threatens the landscape. Get out there before it’s too late!
  • If you’re short on cash and need a makeover, head over to a department store makeup counter. If you’re polite and ask the right questions, there’s a good chance the salesperson will try out a few products on you.

Top Sites for NYC Shopping

For shopping maps …
For store listings …
For shopping by neighborhood …
For thrift shops, vintage items, and flea markets …
For sample sales and events …
For free haircuts and makeup to match the clothes you just bought …
Who knew?
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