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You don't have to be a native New Yorker to act like one—not if you use our New York City Guide. Want to seamlessly travel between neighborhoods, find the city's best pizza or learn insider tips on hotels or permanent housing? Our New York City Web Guide points you to the Big Apple’s vast array of fun activities: Visit New York’s most famous attractions, see a show, catch the big game, attend a gallery opening, spot a celebrity and much more. We also offer a Spanish-language version of the Guide.

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NYC Parks

New York City’s skyline is its thumbprint and, in many ways, its identity. But at ground level you’ll find that amid this urban landscape are New York City parks and green spaces that rival its most notable monoliths for their aesthetic beauty, ingenuity and architectural significance. Find the great outdoors within the city limits: Use the Web to guide you through New York City parks, community gardens and hidden gems.

Insights for NYC Parks

  • In addition to parks, New York City has a multitude of public gardens. Most notable are its botanical gardens, which can be found in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. If you were wondering, a botanical garden is different from a regular garden because special emphasis is placed upon categorizing and documenting the plants.
  • One way to get involved in community improvement (and meet like-minded people) is to become a citizen pruner, parks volunteer or tree steward. See the “To play a role in maintaining New York’s parks and trees” subsection below for more information.
  • "New York City Trees" by Edward S. Barnard is a field guide to the trees of New York City and its environs. Produced with the assistance of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and the New York Tree Trust, this book shows you the best places to see trees, how to find the city’s greatest trees, and more.
  • For those who think that the bird population of New York consists solely of pigeons (which most New Yorkers call “flying rats”), "Red-Tails in Love" by Marie Winn recounts the romance between a pair of hawks who made their home on the ledge of a luxury apartment building on the edge of Central Park.

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