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New York City Guide

You don't have to be a native New Yorker to act like one—not if you use our New York City Guide. Want to seamlessly travel between neighborhoods, find the city's best pizza or learn insider tips on hotels or permanent housing? Our New York City Web Guide points you to the Big Apple’s vast array of fun activities: Visit New York’s most famous attractions, see a show, catch the big game, attend a gallery opening, spot a celebrity and much more. We also offer a Spanish-language version of the Guide.

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NYC Taxis

Yellow taxis are about as symbolic of New York as the Statue of Liberty, and if you’re in Manhattan you’ll no doubt see a few hundred New York City taxis meandering in and out of traffic. To help you understand the rules, regulations and courtesies of hiring a driver, take a look at the following sites.

Insights for NYC Taxis

  • Although some taxis are starting to accept credit cards, it's generally a good idea to have enough cash on hand to pay for your cab ride. Call-in car services can usually accept credit cards (they’ll take your information beforehand).
  • You may see black, grey, silver, or white town cars around town, usually in areas with fewer yellow cabs. Most of these "gypsy cabs" must be called ahead of time for service but some people hail them from the street, even though this is not generally safe or legal. If you want to ride in a “luxury” vehicle, we advise calling a car service.
  • You can tell whether a cab is full by looking at the sign on the roof of the car: If it’s not lit, it’s occupied; if it’s completely lit, it’s off duty; if the middle section is lit, it’s available, and you can try to hail it.
  • If you're traveling outside Manhattan, the driver may have to pay a highway, tunnel or bridge toll, which will be added to your cab fare. To avoid any confusion, ask your driver before you get going whether you’ll pass through any tolls and how much they’ll be. Sometimes you can ask your driver to find a way around a toll but often this will make your ride longer and your fare higher.

Top Sites for NYC Taxis

For New York City taxi rules and regulations …
For calculating your New York City cab fare …
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