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The Netherlands: Amsterdam, the Hague and More

The Netherlands is a balance between tradition and eccentricity. You can have a moment of serenity at a floating flower garden, settle in for a beer at the Heineken brewery, view famous paintings, or explore the Red Light District; the Netherlands truly offers something for everyone. In this guide, you'll find resources for exploring the Netherlands, sites to help you plan a trip, and advice for making the most of your time there.

Netherlands Travel Basics

The Netherlands has some well-known and favorite attractions, such as Anne Frank's house in ... read more »

Travel Requirements for the Netherlands

Referred to either as "the Netherlands" or "Holland," the full title of the ... read more »

Getting to the Netherlands

You have a few different options for getting to the Netherlands, depending on where you're ... read more »

Netherlands Hotels

The Web is teeming with sites to help you find and book your accommodation. Below, you'll find a ... read more »

Getting Around the Netherlands

Breathe a sigh of relief; the Netherlands is a pleasure to navigate. Not only does the country ... read more »

Netherlands Travel Blogs and Forums

Another way to prepare for your trip is to find out what other travelers liked or disliked about ... read more »

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