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If you're planning a trip to a national park, you're not alone. Millions visit America's protected parklands every year, and the Web has responded. Enthusiasts can brush up on historical background of parks, or check out sites with practical advice about how to get there and where to stay. Park sports and activities are also detailed on the Web, along with gear suggestions. Below, we've collected sites to get you out into the great outdoors.

US National Parks

Start with sites that provide an overview of national parks. They often serve as gateways to sites ... read more »

History of National Parks

America's first national park was established in the early 19th century. Ever since, parks have ... read more »

National Park Camping and Activities

Camping ranks high on any list of popular park activities, as do hiking, boating, biking, climbing, ... read more »

Staying in a National Park

Not only can you compare campsites and different lodgings with ease using the sites collected here, ... read more »

National Parks Abroad

Parkland across the globe is as varied as the world's nations, embracing both the English landscape ... read more »

Wilderness Organizations

National park supporters organize on both national and local levels. Your particular interests and ... read more »

National Park Volunteer Opportunities

One constant has always characterized the national parks: a lack of both money and manpower. ... read more »

Working in a National Park

Having a job in a national park could mean working for a nonprofit organization such as the ... read more »

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