Morocco Travel Basics


Morocco: Where Old Meets New

Morocco is a regal, magical country in Northeast Africa. It has gorgeous coastline on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you're interested in history, cultural exploration, or relaxation, you can use the Internet to discover the country and create your ideal vacation.

Morocco Travel Basics

Morocco has a rich culture steeped in ancient history, and many tourist activities involve simply witnessing daily life, whether in the country, or in town. Moroccan cities are things of beauty unto themselves, and the marketplaces alone are worth the trip. Use these resource to discover the parts of Morocco you'd most like to visit.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Part of Morocco's allure has always been its ancient, mystical feeling-but that could be changing, to a degree. In Fez, for example, celebrities fly in for parties, while outside the city's centuries-old walls, restaurants and Western tourists are ubiquitous. See this New York Times travel article describing the scene in Morocco just one year ago; you may get a better understanding of what to expect from your trip.
  • Visiting a souk—a Moroccan market—is an essential activity to include in your itinerary. These somewhat circus-like daily markets present innumerable items, such as brass goods, meat, rugs, spices, and perfumes. You can haggle your way from one merchant to another, or stroll through, sipping a sweet mint tea. TravelLady Magazine gives an overview of the souk experience, with tips for what to look for, how to pay, and where to find souks in Morocco.
  • Web sites of tour companies may be a useful introduction to Morocco's tourism possibilities, even if you don't plan to book a tour. In addition, most tourism sites offer beautiful images that give you a sense of Morocco and its regions.

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