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If you’ve been pining for the finer things in life—the glitzy hotels, beaches of silky sand, first-class flights and dishes to tempt a gourmet’s palate—you’ll find them on the Web. This guide presents ideas and resources to help you plan a high-end getaway. You’ll find luxury accommodation and flights, as well as spas, cruises, yachts and adventure trips for the luxury set. Hang on to your diamonds.

Luxury Travel Planning

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Finding Luxury Accommodations

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Booking Luxury Air Travel

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Luxury Adventure Travel

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Top Luxury Spas

Spas offer the ultimate in pampering and are an increasingly popular luxury destination. There are spas that specialize in food, wine, golf, yoga, ayurvedic medicine—even spas on cruise ships. Whatever your pleasure, there is a spa that will cater exactly to you, and the sites below can help you find it.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • If you’ve never been to a spa before, visit Leading Spas of the World for a glossary of terms and advice on spa etiquette. Spas are unlike other destinations and have a very specific culture.
  • Because spas are health-conscious destinations, they generally make every effort to accommodate individual health requirements. If you have food preferences or allergies, or need special bedding, most spas will happily oblige. Call the concierge and make your preferences known ahead of time to ensure that all your needs are met.  

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