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If you’ve been pining for the finer things in life—the glitzy hotels, beaches of silky sand, first-class flights and dishes to tempt a gourmet’s palate—you’ll find them on the Web. This guide presents ideas and resources to help you plan a high-end getaway. You’ll find luxury accommodation and flights, as well as spas, cruises, yachts and adventure trips for the luxury set. Hang on to your diamonds.

Luxury Travel Planning

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Finding Luxury Accommodations

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Booking Luxury Air Travel

Chartering private flights has become a staple of luxury travel—for business or for pleasure. Private flights have access to far more airports and destinations than airlines can provide, allowing you to fly exactly where you want to go, any time of day or night. True luxury travelers make even the voyaging leg of their journey a pleasurable experience.   

Dulcinea's Insight

  • In chartering private jets, the more passengers on board, the more sound the investment. Round up your friends and family for the ride—it will make traveling privately even more worthwhile.
  • If you need to find a vessel fast, try searching for “Empty Legs” on any of the recommended sites or in a general search engine. You’ll find unreserved aircrafts planning to make a trip—if your destination is covered, and you could fly privately at a reduced rate.

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