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Luxury Travel

If you’ve been pining for the finer things in life—the glitzy hotels, beaches of silky sand, first-class flights and dishes to tempt a gourmet’s palate—you’ll find them on the Web. This guide presents ideas and resources to help you plan a high-end getaway. You’ll find luxury accommodation and flights, as well as spas, cruises, yachts and adventure trips for the luxury set. Hang on to your diamonds.

Luxury Travel Planning

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Finding Luxury Accommodations

Lots of Web sites offer great views into some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, inns and lodges. Use the sites in this section to compare prices and amenities at some of the world’s premier hotels: you’ll find romantic getaways, beach resorts and even child-friendly destinations.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • If you’ve browsed many potential locations but are still unsure of where to go, research hotels and see if any seem extraordinary enough to warrant a visit. You might determine your travel destination based on the amenities offered by some of these impressive establishments.
  • To get the best quality room, call the hotel in person after you’ve reserved. Specify your needs to the concierge (if you want a certain kind of sheet on your bed, for example, or would like champagne or flowers in the room upon your arrival) and you’ll be more likely to end up with exactly what you want.
  • Some international hotels still allow smoking in their rooms. Before you book accommodations, be sure to check on the status of the room you select.

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Luxury Cruising and Yachting

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