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The sudden freedom that comes with a high school or college graduation, or even retirement, makes those ideal times to spend an extended time exploring the world. When traveling, the length of your stay and the degree of your cultural integration are variables that can have a profound significance on the way you experience your destination. In this guide we'll direct you to resources geared toward helping you live abroad for a while.

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Volunteer Abroad

If you're fresh out of school, overflowing with youthful idealism and graduation money, consider using it to volunteer abroad. There are a variety of fee-based and free programs out there to serve as an outlet for those who wish to use their knowledge and talent to enact change in the lives of people living in developing countries.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • With respect to financing, there are two primary types of international volunteer programs: those that provide funding, or those that require you to pay a fee. Programs with governmental backing, such as Peace Corps, have a much more significant pool of resources to draw from, and can thus host volunteers for free and even compensate them upon their completion of the project. Smaller organizations, such as the International Volunteer Program, rely upon the payments made by volunteers to survive.
  • Before planning your trip, visit this page operated by the University of Minnesota. It has some great information on getting started, such as why you should volunteer, things to consider, and how to evaluate each program.
  • Although any good program will plan well for your health and safety, you should still research any health or other safety hazards before leaving the country and make sure to get any necessary immunizations or medication. Sickness or injury can ruin an otherwise wonderful experience.
  • Because comfort and safety standards vary throughout the world, it's good to deal with organizations that have a presence in your home country to ensure a certain level of cultural understanding.

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