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Kenya: Your Web Surf Safari

Known as the Cradle of Humanity for its links to early human life, Kenya conjures up images of water-bathing hippos, lions on the prowl, grassy plains, and khaki-clad photographers on safari. There’s no easier way to plan a trip to Kenya than by using the Web. With glossy travel magazines, guidebooks, tourism sites, and advice from fellow travelers at your fingertips, you can’t go wrong. We’ve sorted through the maze of information and collected comprehensive, accessible sites to take you from idea, to plan, to reality.

Kenya Travel Basics

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Travel Requirements for Kenya

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Getting to Kenya

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Kenya Hotels

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Getting Around in Kenya

Adjusting to transportation in foreign countries may be a bit unsettling, but the Web can ease your transition. Online travel guides, booking agents, and search engines help you plan and prepare before you arrive.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • It’s relatively inexpensive and convenient to fly within Kenya, and you’ll find service from several cities to parks and reserves. Book far in advance for the best prices.
  • Reliable trains run between Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kisumu, but you won’t find an official site for Kenya railways. Booking must be performed through another company. Try East Africa Shuttles & Safaris.
  • Mini buses called Matatus are a common way to get around, but safety may be an issue. World Press Review’s Web site has an article that provides further insight.
  • To learn what it’s like on a Kenyan train, referred to as “The Lunatic Railway,” look no further than the BBC. Its article may also help you navigate the country.

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