Travel Requirements for Japan


Japan: Modernistic Tokyo Meets Ancestral Kyoto on the Web

Japan is often thought of as the most modern country in the world, and in many ways it is. Yet behind the glitz and glamour of the neon lights and robot dogs, you’ll find a deeply traditional culture that changes at a glacial speed. This guide features the best Web sites to aid you in planning and implementing your trip to Japan, including resources to introduce you to Japanese culture and sightseeing, tools for finding and booking transportation and accommodation, advice to help you stay safe and healthy overseas, and blogs and forums to put you in touch with other travelers.

Japan Travel Basics

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Travel Requirements for Japan

Japan has its share of cultural quirks and distinct specifications regarding manners and public behavior, in addition to some intense weather issues. Below are sites to help you cope with some of the uniquely Japanese obstacles and issues you will encounter, as well as information about the basic practicalities of entering and exiting the country safely.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Manners in Japan can be complicated and nuanced, even challenging natives, according to a July 2007 International Herald Tribune article. Newcomers are not expected to know every custom and rule of etiquette; showing a bit of extra courtesy and reserve should suffice in most situations.
  • In Japan, it’s especially important to learn and use at least a bit of the native language, says this October 2007 article discussing “5 Ways You Can Be More Japanese in Japan,” in the online travel magazine Vagabondish.
  • You probably won’t be able to use an American phone in Japan, no matter what SIM card you buy. However, you can easily buy prepaid and rental mobile phones in airport booths when you arrive. The major providers are AU, Vodafone, and Docomo.
  • Japan’s length north to south is comparable to California’s, which accounts for the country’s varied climate across its eight regions. In Hokkaido, the chilly northernmost island, winter snowstorms are common; while further south in Okinawa, winter temperatures typically remain above 40º F.
  • Japan experiences its share of extreme weather: typhoons in the rainy, early summer season and frequent earthquakes across the country year-round, most of which go undetected by the general public.

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