Israel Travel


Israel Travel

Despite Israel’s complex foreign relations, the nation remains an intriguing and well-trodden tourist destination. Travel to Israel can take on whichever personality you wish, whether you plan to visit religious sites in Jerusalem or sip wine in Golan. This guide helps you plan a trip to Israel, introduces the country’s varied cities and attractions, presents transportation and accommodation options, and connects you with travelers who’ve been there before.

Israel Attractions

For many Jews, Christians and Muslims, Israel is a Holy Land and visiting it is a powerful ... read more »

Travel Requirements for Israel

References to Israel in Western media often relate to the ongoing conflict between the Israeli and ... read more »

Flights to Israel

Unless you plan on walking or driving, you’ll be flying into Israel via Ben Gurion ... read more »

Israel Hotels

While some Israeli camping sites suggest that you experience Israel the way Abraham did—in a ... read more »

Getting Around in Israel

Nomads are an intrinsic part of Israel’s history. To continue the tradition of wandering, ... read more »

Israel Blogs and Forums

Real people who have visited Israel sometimes give a perspective on the country that the travel ... read more »

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