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Though the devastation of the 2004 tsunami and recent threats of terrorism have deterred some visitors, Indonesia remains a bastion of beauty: the wildlife of Australia and Asia come together on these island chains, making for some of the world’s most distinctive species. Indonesian culture combines aspects of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and animism to form a people steeped in unique traditions. Learn about this country of volcanoes, tropical rainforests, Komodo dragons and spices, and plan a trip using the Web.

Indonesia Travel Basics

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Indonesia Travel Requirements

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Getting to Indonesia

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Indonesia Hotels

Indonesia offers accommodation options, to say the least. Stay in a hole in the wall, or in one of the most magnificent five-star hotels in the world—the former can be found in numerous locations throughout the country, the latter is confined mainly to Bali and Jakarta. Whatever your preference, these sites ensure you’ll have somewhere to stay in Indonesia.

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  • Indonesia’s varied accommodation options include all budgets and personalities. For instance, breathtaking villas with private infinity pools overlooking the Ayung River, hotels surrounded by thick jungle vegetation, soothing retreats on golf courses, and an ocean resort with an inclined elevator carrying guests down to the beach. Hotel Chatter vividly presents the selections.
  • Indonesia is known for haggling, and that goes for places to stay as well. You may be able to cut down the price of a high-end hotel, even to the tune of 40 percent off.

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Getting Around Indonesia

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