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Though the devastation of the 2004 tsunami and recent threats of terrorism have deterred some visitors, Indonesia remains a bastion of beauty: the wildlife of Australia and Asia come together on these island chains, making for some of the world’s most distinctive species. Indonesian culture combines aspects of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and animism to form a people steeped in unique traditions. Learn about this country of volcanoes, tropical rainforests, Komodo dragons and spices, and plan a trip using the Web.

Indonesia Travel Basics

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Getting to Indonesia

Indonesia is on the other side of the world for those in the United States, and flights to the country require some stops. There are airports on the major islands but chances are you’ll fly into Java. If you’re in Southeast Asia, there are also ferries that could take you there. This section provides links about traveling to the Indonesian islands by plane and boat.

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  • There are more than 60 airports in Indonesia, but Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) receives the most flights. Tourist capital Bali also sees heavy traffic.
  • Indonesian airlines do not have the best track record, so consider avoiding flying with them. In 2007, an Adam Air flight vanished and a Garuda flight crashed. Later that year, the EU banned all Indonesian airlines from entering the country, according to the BBC.  Additionally, a March, 2007 audit by Indonesia’s Transportation Ministry found that none of the country’s 20 major passenger and cargo airlines completely met national safety regulations, reported the travel blog World Hum.
  • Indonesia’s three mainland crossings are at Entikong, Motoain and the road from Jayapura or Sentani to Vanimo. Visa requirements are not particularly strict, according to Lonely Planet. Ferries and speedboats from Malaysia are alternative modes of transport into the country.

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Getting Around Indonesia

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