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Though the devastation of the 2004 tsunami and recent threats of terrorism have deterred some visitors, Indonesia remains a bastion of beauty: the wildlife of Australia and Asia come together on these island chains, making for some of the world’s most distinctive species. Indonesian culture combines aspects of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and animism to form a people steeped in unique traditions. Learn about this country of volcanoes, tropical rainforests, Komodo dragons and spices, and plan a trip using the Web.

Indonesia Travel Basics

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Indonesia Travel Requirements

As with a trip to any country, it is important to perform a bit of research into history, culture and language before you take off for Indonesia. There are particular safety issues to address, and past events that could deter some tourists. The sites in this section can help you prepare and plan for a safe, hassle-free journey.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Bahasa Indonesia is the official language, though English is often used in commerce. The official currency is the Rupiah (Rp).
  • Indonesia’s dry season is from June to October, and is considered the best time to visit. During the wet season from November to March, roads are often difficult to travel. Either way, the country is warm year round though the coastal regions and mountains are generally cooler.
  • Indonesia does present human rights dangers, such as homophobia, military corruption, and threats against religious leaders. Regardless of how these issues may effect you as a traveler, they are important to be aware of before you go to Indonesia. Amnesty International addresses such concerns.

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