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India: Ancient Traditions, New Technology

India is one of the world’s most ancient and diverse countries. With its colonial background and location between Asia and the Middle East, India has long served as a cultural crossroad: a place where East meets West and ancient tradition meets modern innovation. All aspects of the country are complex: religion, race, and even the landscape. It can be both alluring and daunting, even for seasoned travelers. We point you to Web sites that help you explore the India that suits you.

India Travel Basics

Between the frozen peaks of the Himalayas in the north and the beaches of India’s southern ... read more »

Travel Requirements for India

Beyond the normal rigmarole associated with any trip abroad—such as passports and ... read more »

Getting to India

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India Hotels

From the bare bones to the extravagant, India caters to the needs of every kind of traveler. There ... read more »

Getting Around in India

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