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Greece Travel: An Online Odyssey

Greece is known not only for its capital city, Athens, home to the Acropolis, but for its 2000-plus islands, about a hundred of which are popular destinations for tourists. Each island exemplifies Greece's cultural legacy: whitewashed houses dotting the landscape, rugged hills, unspoiled beaches, great cuisine, and everywhere reminders of the country's ancient roots in art, religion and mythology. This guide will give potential travelers to Greece the online resources to book a vacation, find places to stay, things to do, and get tips and advice for the journey.

Greece Travel Basics

Greek culture is steeped in tradition, so any vacationer will want to take advantage of the ... read more »

Travel Requirements for Greece

Many different options for travel and accommodation while in Greece make it important to research ... read more »

Getting to Greece

Greece is conveniently located in the eastern and central Mediterranean, making it easily ... read more »

Greece Hotels

There are several types of accommodation in Greece, which all cater to a different set of traveler, ... read more »

Getting Around in Greece

Greece is a rugged place, where walking requires comfortable hiking shoes or sneakers, a sturdy ... read more »

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