Great Britain Travel


Great Britain Travel: Finding the Great in Britain

Britain, or Great Britain, is one of the most popular tourist destinations, holding not only the cultural legacy of the United States and Canada but a varied geography, age-old attractions, and unique places to stay. In this guide we'll cover the Web's resources for getting there, getting around, finding accommodation, and discovering other useful information about the Great Britain that will enlighten your vacation experience.

Great Britain Travel Basics

England, a constitutional monarchy headed by Queen Elizabeth II, contains the roots of American ... read more »

England Vacation Packages

There are many U.K. travel sites that now cater to accommodation, airfare, and other travelers' ... read more »

Getting to England

Because London is a major European hub, affordable airfare from the United States can be quite easy ... read more »

England Hotels

There are a variety of accommodation options in England. The vast and affordable hostel network is ... read more »

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