Travel Requirements for Germany

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Welcome, or Willkommen, to the land of Oktoberfest, the Berlin Wall, and lederhosen (knee-breeches). Although relatively small in size, this European nation boasts the second-largest population on the continent, making it a lively and bustling place to visit. Known to natives as Deutschland, Germany has a plethora of tourist attractions, museums, festivals, art galleries, and architectural sites. This Web guide offers resources to help you plan a German holiday.

Germany Travel Basics

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Travel Requirements for Germany

Before you book your flight and make a decision on motels, spend some time getting to know Deutschland. Information on Germany is readily available online, and the majority of Web sites are user-friendly for travelers. In this section, findingDulcinea has filtered through the flab to find the best facts and figures on German history, German customs and traditions, and your safety and health while traveling in West-Central Europe. The wide variety of Web sources gives explorers a good idea about what to expect on their journey.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • As is typical when it comes to Internet research, the four sources listed in the history portion of this section are all very different. Use them to gain a well-rounded perspective of Germany.
  • Most historical Web sites offer chronological timelines accompanied by pictures. If you are limited on time before your trip, this is a more efficient way to take advantage of the valuable info on these sites.
  • German Culture, a Web site included in this section, offers a long list of links categorized by subject. The best way to utilize a site like this is to pick a few links that interest you. Because history spills over into all sorts of subjects, picking a few will give you plenty of background info on Germany.
  • Web sites offering information on safety, health, travel restrictions, and visa information are updated frequently. Check these sites often, and definitely stop by for a visit just before departing on your trip.

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