Florida Travel


Florida Travel

Considering Florida’s unique blend of outdoor recreation, family fun, scenic beaches, cities both sleek and laid back, and the always sought-after Disney World, it’s easy to see why so many vacationers flock to this southern U.S. destination. In this Florida Travel Web Guide, you’ll get in on the Florida action with essentials like flights and hotels, and tips for where to go and what to do, whether you want to lounge in the Keys or join the Miami revelry. Also check out a Spanish-language version of the Guide.

Florida Travel Information

From coast to coast and corner to corner, Florida is freckled with desirable vacation destinations. ... read more »

Things to Do in Florida

It might get pegged as a theme park state but in Florida, culture, outdoor sports and historic ... read more »

Travel to Florida

By car, by train or out on the open seas, you’ll travel to Florida however ... read more »

Florida Hotels

For all finds of Florida hotels—a waterfront hotel, a luxe resort or even a ... read more »

Florida Transportation

Whether you want advice on how to get around in Floridian cities, or need tips for driving your way ... read more »

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