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Finland: Modern Scene, Unspoiled Scenery

A prosperous, educated, and technologically advanced society on the top of the world, Finland is home to a unique culture formed by Nordic, Russian, and European influences and a fiercely independent spirit. This guide will help you appreciate this often-overlooked country, and direct you to resources that will help you plan a trip.

Finland Travel Basics

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Finland Travel Requirements

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Getting to Finland

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Finland Hotels

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Getting Around in Finland

With efficient highway and train systems, getting around Finland is easy for well-informed travelers. This page can help you make the best decisions so you spend less time traveling and more time having fun.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Helsinki is the only city in Finland with a subway system. Public transportation in other cities consists mainly of buses.
  • Finland is a car-dependent country with a high-quality road and highway system. Renting a car may be your best option for traveling in places other than Helsinki.
  • ExpressBus is a bus service that covers the entire country and offers more routes than the train service. Unfortunately, its Web site, ExpressBus, is entirely in Finnish and of little use to the average reader. Keep ExpressBus in mind, however, if you are in Finland and looking to travel from city to city.

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