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Finland: Modern Scene, Unspoiled Scenery

A prosperous, educated, and technologically advanced society on the top of the world, Finland is home to a unique culture formed by Nordic, Russian, and European influences and a fiercely independent spirit. This guide will help you appreciate this often-overlooked country, and direct you to resources that will help you plan a trip.

Finland Travel Basics

Finland is the home of modern cities and untouched wilderness, endless nights and midnight suns, ... read more »

Finland Travel Requirements

Finland is a very modern and safe society, with laws and entry requirements typical of countries in ... read more »

Getting to Finland

Whether by plane, train, boat, or car, Finland is simple to get to if you know what you’re ... read more »

Finland Hotels

Finland offers a wide variety of lodging options, from classic luxury hotels in Helsinki to rural ... read more »

Getting Around in Finland

With efficient highway and train systems, getting around Finland is easy for well-informed ... read more »

Finland Travel Blogs and Forums

The most useful information on traveling oftentimes comes from other travelers, many of whom have aired their views online.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Travel reviews from newspapers are more reliable, but blogs and user comments can be very candid and useful, too. Don’t let the opinion of one user deter you from trying a particular experience, however.
  • Many writers and users include their e-mail addresses on these sites; don’t be afraid to e-mail them and ask about their experiences.

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