Finland Travel Requirements


Finland: Modern Scene, Unspoiled Scenery

A prosperous, educated, and technologically advanced society on the top of the world, Finland is home to a unique culture formed by Nordic, Russian, and European influences and a fiercely independent spirit. This guide will help you appreciate this often-overlooked country, and direct you to resources that will help you plan a trip.

Finland Travel Basics

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Finland Travel Requirements

Finland is a very modern and safe society, with laws and entry requirements typical of countries in the European Union. The people are generally polite, pleasant, and forgiving of visitors unfamiliar with their language and customs. Nevertheless, learning the basics of Finnish culture will make your trip more enjoyable for you and the locals you meet.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • You are not obligated to tip in Finland. Service charges (typically around 15 percent) are usually built into your bill, and tips are customarily given only if the service was exceptional.
  • Because of Finland’s northern location, the hours of daylight vary widely, depending on the time of year. Lapland, for example, has 24-hour days during June, but less than an hour of daylight in December.
  • The currency of Finland is the Euro, which replaced the Markka in 2002.
  • For information on obtaining visas, disease control, air safety, and other information that applies to all travel, please see the findingDulcinea Travel Web Guide.

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