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Every parent knows that the right type of family vacation depends on the age of the children. This Web Guide to Family-Friendly Travel can help make family travel decisions easy. For resources and information on where to go and what to do with babies, toddlers, school-age kids and teens; for gear and services to make the going (and returning) easier; and for family vacation planning tips and tricks on how to navigate all types of travel with your kids, use this Web Guide to the world of family-friendly travel.

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Alternative Family Vacations

For some, traveling together is all the strenuous activity they need. But if you want to bond with, or simply exhaust, your children, a vacation rich in outdoor pursuits, entertainment, and adventure may be just what you need. The sites below outline trips suitable to your family's specific needs.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Volunteer vacations with families are doable, but take some extra care and planning to ensure the trips are appropriate and worthwhile for everyone in your family. Ask for references from other families with children who are similar ages before booking a trip to work with a particular volunteer group.
  • Campsites you've known and loved before you had a family may require a second look to ensure they're kid-friendly. Keep in mind rough terrain, access to restrooms, and proximity to places where you can stock up on extra supplies like diapers if necessary.
  • Make sure children unfamiliar with the great outdoors are versed in the hazards that come along with camping, like poison ivy and wild animals.
  • For bonus points, see if your trip can be applied toward your child's school credit for volunteer hours.
  • Don't overlook foreign travel for a ranch vacation-there are plenty of places outside of the Old West where you can chow down by the chuckwagon.
  • Farm trips can be especially educational for young kids, providing them a connection to their food source. Be sure young children in particular are ready to be in an environment with live animals.

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