Getting Around in Europe


Europe: How the West Is One

Of Europe's numerous countries, there are only about a dozen that outsiders regularly think of as potential vacation spots. In this guide to European travel we will use the Web to explore travel opportunities to the continent and illuminate some methods of travel that will make navigating Europe easier. This guide will help you acquire the basic tools to book your vacation, and position you to get the most out of your trip to Europe.

Europe Travel Basics

The continent of Europe, although often considered small, is actually comprised of 45 countries. ... read more »

Europe Travel Requirements

It's good to be well informed about the history and culture of the countries you'll be visiting in ... read more »

Getting to Europe

This section highlights sites to get you from here to there, specific to the type of vacation ... read more »

Europe Hotels

Accommodation choices in Europe are vast and varied, from high-class hotels to quick and easy ... read more »

Getting Around in Europe

Although the romance behind European travel is traditionally linked to the locomotive, the continent does boast some of the most affordable air travel in the world, as well as bicycle-friendly roads throughout much of the continent. Below are some general sites that will aid every stage of your journey. If you are planning to rent a car, purchase a Eurail pass, buy affordable airfare, or simply find subway maps, the sites below will get you on your way.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Upon first glance, many flight search engines might seem the same. However, if you have a look at a site's specific offerings (usually listed on the homepage or in an "About Us" section) you'll discover what each individual search engine is best equipped for. For example, you might consider how many airlines or other search engines are included in a site's search tool.
  • Take note of independent sites that explain transportation or general travel issues for you, because they are less biased and are often created by seasoned travelers or residents of a particular place. They are generally doing a service, not trying to sell a product.
  • As with any online transaction it's wise to get in touch with a representative from the site, either by phone or e-mail, especially in the case of intra-European travel, where flexibility and open-endedness are often important aspects of the transportation experience. Learn what restrictions your tickets have and ask about special offers, which are often available for students, children, seniors, and groups.

Dulcinea's Picks

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