Czech Republic Travel


Czech Republic Travel

Distinguished by spa towns, pilsner beer, a rich history, and varied geography, the Czech Republic is a vacation destination that can be tailored to any traveler's tastes. In this guide we'll show you sites that will help you get there, teach you about the language and culture, and highlight the country's premier attractions.

Czech Republic Travel Basics

The Czech Republic is great if you're looking for good food, historic architecture, cosmopolitan ... read more »

Czech Republic Travel Requirements

Most tourists will find the Czech Republic safe and modern, and the people hospitable. Regardless, ... read more »

Getting to the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the eastern part of Central Europe, surrounded by Germany, Poland, ... read more »

Czech Republic Hotels, Hostels, and Campgrounds

You'll find a wide variety of accommodation in the Czech Republic. Whether its the luxurious ... read more »

Getting Around in the Czech Republic

Getting into the Czech Republic is the easy part. Once inside the country you'll need a way to get ... read more »

Czech Republic Travel Blogs and Forums

The best travel advice often comes from other tourists. The Internet has made it possible for ... read more »

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