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China: The Great Wall of Links

Few destinations can match China's mix of history, modernism, and excitement. If your only exposure to Chinese culture has been American Chinese food, it’s time to get on the plane and take in China's unmatched natural beauty and enthralling cities like Beijing, site of the 2008 Olympic Games, Shanghai, and Chengdu. This China travel guide is stocked with Web resources to help you prepare for your trip and enjoy your stay.

China Travel Basics

This ancient land is the most populated country in the world, smaller geographically than the ... read more »

Travel Requirements for China

Many Chinese cultural traditions have been in practice for centuries and every area of the country ... read more »

Getting to China

For most of the world’s population, China is a long-distance destination. Although a cruise ... read more »

China Hotels

Booking a hotel room or hostel stay in China is made much easier by the Web’s online ... read more »

Getting Around China

Although airplanes traverse China’s skies with great frequency, the country’s public ... read more »

China Travel Blogs and Forums

In the 1200s, Europeans waited more than two decades for Marco Polo to return from his China ... read more »

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