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Central America Travel: Variety is the Spice

Your Central America travel should be as eclectic as the cultures and landscapes freckling the region. To put it all together, get some help from the Web. You'll find sites dedicated to each of the region's seven countries, as well as advice and shared experiences from other travelers. Whether you prefer to keep your itinerary open-ended or you want to book everything in advance, the Web can enhance your experience of Central American tourism. We've selected some sites to help you get started.

Central America Travel Basics

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Central America Travel Requirements

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Getting to Central America

You can fly in from the United States relatively easily and inexpensively. All seven countries have international airports, so it shouldn't be a problem finding a flight to your desired location. Driving is another possibility, provided that you've equipped yourself with the proper documentation-both for you and for your vehicle.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Check out travel forums to get advice from other travelers regarding flights. You can often find recent posts giving you up-to-the-moment information and the occasional good deal. Virtual Tourist has an active forum for travel to Central America; search by country to find what you need.
  • Most major airlines in the United States have yet to discover Central America's potential as a popular destination. Until they catch up, TACA is a solid choice for flights to the region, and flights depart from several major U.S. cities.
  • If you are traveling on a budget to countries bordering Mexico, like Belize and Guatemala, you can usually save some money by catching a cheap flight to southern Mexico and then renting a car or riding a bus into the next country. Tica Bus has a bus from Tapachula, in Southern Mexico, that takes you into Guatemala.
  • Due to deterioration and poor conditions, all railroad travel has been suspended in Belize, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. You'll find isolated local rail lines in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama, but all are local and do not cross national borders.
  • If you want to drive to Central America from the United States, consider following the Pacific Coast Highway to avoid heavy traffic in Mexico City. Drive Me Loco can help you plan your route.

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