Central America Travel Requirements


Central America Travel: Variety is the Spice

Your Central America travel should be as eclectic as the cultures and landscapes freckling the region. To put it all together, get some help from the Web. You'll find sites dedicated to each of the region's seven countries, as well as advice and shared experiences from other travelers. Whether you prefer to keep your itinerary open-ended or you want to book everything in advance, the Web can enhance your experience of Central American tourism. We've selected some sites to help you get started.

Central America Travel Basics

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Central America Travel Requirements

Political unrest and violence have largely subsided in Central America, but traveling the region still demands common sense and vigilance with regards to personal safety. To prepare yourself, be aware of government warnings and of crime rates, particularly in El Salvador and Honduras. Try to become familiar with the recent history of the countries you plan to visit, as most Central American nations are young democracies still trying to figure themselves out.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Government agencies online are a great help in preparing for your travels. You'll want to take care of the paperwork and other official stuff as far in advance as possible to give yourself ample time to pack and plan your itinerary in the weeks leading up to your trip. Plus, you'll be relaxed and free to roam once you arrive in your desired location.
  • Consular Information Sheets, provided by the U.S. Department of State, provide crime information, statistics, and safety advice. This may help you decide which locations to avoid (or to be especially careful traveling through).
  • The region is Spanish-speaking but you'll find many English-speaking locals in tourist-heavy areas of Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama. Regardless of where you travel, however, it will be beneficial to know some basic Spanish.

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