Last-minute Airfare, Hotels and Packages

Budget Travel

Budget Travel

If you're longing to travel but short on cash, start your journey at your computer with our Budget Travel Web Guide. The Internet is brimming with budget travel deals if you know where to look. In this Guide, we'll show you where to find travel tips and last-minute travel ideas that are sure to save you money. Our Budget Travel Web Guide offers resources for cheap airfares, hotels and hostels, tours, backpacking advice and plenty of tips and tricks for sticking to your budget.

Cheap Flights and Hotels

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Last-minute Airfare, Hotels and Packages

Waiting until the last minute is not always the best way to get budget prices, there are still plenty of options. First choice destinations might be out of the question, but finding cheap packages is feasible with help from the sites below.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Since you're starting late, be flexible about where you go and for how long.
  • Most airline sites dedicate at least a small section to "last-minute packages." It's often much cheaper to book a last-minute flight through a package deal; you can use the other parts of the package, or just ignore them.
  • Sites like also tend to sell these last-minute packages frequently, but like the airlines, will let you keep the plane ticket and simply ignore the hotel or car rental without incurring any sort of penalty.

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