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Australia is a natural wonder that has fascinated people for centuries. The Australia Travel Web Guide introduces you to this country—so far from the West, yet sharing many cultural similarities with the United States. Australia boasts a sophisticated, relaxed culture that favors the arts, sports and dining out. Australian vacations include destinations to unique, ancient landmarks, and hundreds of species of wildlife not found anywhere else in the world. Our Web Guide points you to the resources you need to research and book an unforgettable Australian vacation.

Australia Travel Basics

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Travel Requirements for Australia

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Getting to Australia

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Getting around in Australia

Getting around this vast country is one of the greatest challenges you'll face, but only in the sense that it is full of landmarks worth visiting once you've made the long journey Down Under. In this section are sites and tips to help you get around efficiently and inexpensively. The luxury traveler will also find useful sites for cruises and air travel in this section.

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  • "Camper vans," which are smaller versions of an RV similar to old Volkswagen minivans, are another popular option, especially with backpackers and students looking to rent a roomy vehicle for a longer stretch of time. The policies with camper vans are often more lax (for instance, you do not have to be 25, which some car rental companies insist upon). Below are a couple of sites that specialize in camper van rental.
  • The rail network in Australia, Rail Australia, is a legendary mode of transportation that many travelers may not know about. Austrail is a train pass that is only for international visitors, which is valuable to take advantage of, as it offers a great way to see the country and can be cheaper than air travel. Visit to request a pass.

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