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Asia Travel

Despite its size, the expanse of Asia can be tamed by adventurous travelers, especially by those who use this Web Guide. Embark on Asian travel and you'll discover the world’s largest continent hosts stunning beaches in Malaysia and Thailand, the impressive Angkor Wat ruins in Cambodia and vibrant cities throughout--but that’s only the beginning. With so many possibilities, Asian travel can seem overwhelming but this Web Guide makes it easy to blaze your own trail.

Asia Travel Basics

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Travel Requirements for Asia

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Asia Hotels

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Getting to Asia

Asia is mainly accessible by air or rail, and both methods of travel can be easily researched and booked with help from the Web. Use the sites below to get going.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • BootsnAll Travel Network is a site led by seasoned travelers who love a good deal. The site’s experts advise travelers with flexible itineraries to look for flights to Bangkok, Thailand, and Delhi, India; there is much competition between carriers to both of these popular destinations, often resulting in cheap flights.
  • The main international airports in Southeast Asia are in Bangkok and Singapore. Kuala Lumpur is also a possibility, and you can get many cheap flights from Hong Kong into Southeast Asian countries, making it a good midpoint.
  • Vietnam is the only Southeast Asian country reachable by train. Ride the rails from China, Russia, or Europe.
  • If you’re heading to East Asia from the United States, most flights land in Hong Kong; Seoul, South Korea; and Tokyo, Japan. From Europe, it may be more cost-effective to stop over in Bangkok or Singapore, rather than take a direct flight.  
  • The Trans-Siberian Railway can transport you between Russia, China, and Mongolia. WayToRussia.Net provides information about the rail system and a map of the route.
  • From the west coast of the United States, most flights to South Asia stop over in Singapore and Bangkok. East-coast flights typically arrive in South Asia by way of Europe.
  • Going to India? You’re in luck. The number of flights available from the United States and the United Kingdom is growing.

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Getting Around in Asia

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Asia Travel Blogs and Forums

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