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Despite its size, the expanse of Asia can be tamed by adventurous travelers, especially by those who use this Web Guide. Embark on Asian travel and you'll discover the world’s largest continent hosts stunning beaches in Malaysia and Thailand, the impressive Angkor Wat ruins in Cambodia and vibrant cities throughout--but that’s only the beginning. With so many possibilities, Asian travel can seem overwhelming but this Web Guide makes it easy to blaze your own trail.

Asia Travel Basics

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Travel Requirements for Asia

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Asia Hotels

Asia’s accommodation options are as complex and varied as the continent itself. Whether you want a trendy high-rise hotel, a quiet haven, or a budget-conscious hostel, the Web can help you find it and book it quickly and easily.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Asia’s size and varied climatic features have caused its people to create unique abodes. For example, nomadic people in Central Asia reside in yurts, circular tents made of animal skins or wood. Encyclopaedia Britannica offers a quick video explanation of yurts.
  • Going to Japan? Try a Ryokan. These inns can be found across the country, and are instilled with traditional cultural elements, such as tatami (straw mat flooring) and onsen (hot spring baths).
  • For an adventurous visit, try camping. For decades, explorers have trekked across the continent, camping as they went. The New York Times has an account given by a member of a Museum of Natural History expedition in Sain Noin khan in Central Asia in the 1920s, for example.
  • Camping in Southeast Asia is not necessarily a great option, however. Get the scoop from experienced travelers in this thread on “The Thorn Tree,” Lonely Planet’s travel forum.

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Getting to Asia

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Getting Around in Asia

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Asia Travel Blogs and Forums

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