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Asia Travel

Asia Travel

Despite its size, the expanse of Asia can be tamed by adventurous travelers, especially by those who use this Web Guide. Embark on Asian travel and you'll discover the world’s largest continent hosts stunning beaches in Malaysia and Thailand, the impressive Angkor Wat ruins in Cambodia and vibrant cities throughout--but that’s only the beginning. With so many possibilities, Asian travel can seem overwhelming but this Web Guide makes it easy to blaze your own trail.

Asia Travel Basics

This section includes sites offering an overview of Asia’s best: cities to explore, sights to see, attractions to include in your agenda, and visuals to give you a taste of it all. Whether you’re aiming to get a glimpse of the Asian Elephant, the second-largest land mammal in the world; or one of the world’s 10 tallest buildings, eight of which are in Asia, the Web can lead you there.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Thanks to the Euro’s ascent, Asia may prove a less expensive travel option than Paris or Rome. In July 2007, The San Francisco Chronicle reported a boom in tourism in Asia and described how nations plan to maintain travelers’ interest.
  • The summer Olympics are being held in China’s capital city, Beijing, in 2008, and the city is in the midst of an intense preparation period. The building and renovating, coupled with Beijing’s huge population, could make travel to the country stressful, but memorable. Have a look at this December 2007 New York Times travel article on Beijing to get a feel for what the city is experiencing.
  • Golfers may not automatically turn to Asia as a desirable destination, but surprisingly, Vietnam is emerging as a golf haven. With a course designed by Nick Faldo, and one in the works by Colin Montgomerie, Vietnam courses not only carry the clout of professional athletes, they also tout gorgeous views of the South China Sea.
  • For some, Mongolia could conjure images of bleak landscapes with little to offer tourists and travelers, but think again. Mongolia is a promising option for adventure seekers. For a taste of the nomadic life, consider taking a trek on horseback or participating in an archaeological dig. National Geographic outlines a few options.   
  • Rough Guides offers a unique combination: ideas for off-the-beaten-path exploits, with thoughtful advice for Asia first-timers. Learn the ins and outs of the continent, how to travel responsibly, and how to cope with reverse culture shock when you arrive home again.

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