Argentina Travel Basics


Argentina Travel: Let's Tango

Argentina, the "Europe of South America," is rife with places to visit and things to do. It's over a million square miles large, so a visit to this beautiful country requires much planning, whether you intend to visit one specific place or several regions at once. In this guide you'll find the online resources that bolster your knowledge of the country and aid in your vacation planning.

Argentina Travel Basics

In this section you will find famous tourist sites or unique aspects of Argentina to guide your trip planning. You'll find general travel guides as well as sites specific to different regions of the country.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Because Argentina is so enormous, consider focusing on one or two particular regions that you can reach by plane. Once you've landed in one, consider renting a car to get around this smaller area and admire the landscape in the process.
  • Take a look at some general sites about Argentina below to learn about the country's many attractions, as well as a few sites for specific regions so you can figure out what you want to see most. Some offer specific itineraries which can help you gauge how long you should stay.
  • Not to be missed in Buenos Aires are La Boca, the premier district for cultural outlets and some of the best shopping in the city, and the city center, which has a few nice open-air malls, the best restaurants, and beautiful historical buildings.
  • If you're an oenophile, head to Mendoza, Argentina's premier wine-producing region. You can take vineyard tours and stock up on the best malbecs.
  • If adventure travel is up your alley than consider a trip to Patagonia, Argentina's southernmost region filled with towering mountains and enormous glaciers. There are several national parks of interest, and cruises to Antarctica are available from Puenta Arenas (in Chile) and Ushuaia. If you're planning to fly from Buenos Aires, consider landing in El Calafate, near the Pietro Moreno glacier or Ushuaia on Tierra Del Fuego.
  • Although Argentina's official language is Spanish, many Italian, Portuguese, and German immigrants have made their way to the country. The areas around Cordoba and Bariloche still have many Argentineans of German and Italian descent. Check out those cities for good Italian and German food and some European flair.

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