Alternative Spring Break: Volunteer Travel

The American ritual known as spring break has evolved from a sprawling beach party into a chance for students to do some good. The opportunities to contribute are numerous and wide-ranging. You can volunteer in a low-income school, help out on an archaeological dig, or work for a crucial environmental cause. This guide to alternative spring break presents organizations focused on volunteer travel, along with recently published articles on the topic, so you’ll be equipped to find a cause and project that suit your own unique interests and talents.

Why Volunteer?

If you remember your last spring break as a blur of crowded beaches, overpriced meals, and bad ... read more »

Alternative Spring Break Trips

The length of your break, the location of your trip, your budget, and work preferences are a ... read more »

Volunteer Tourism Organizations

Before your alternative spring break dreams can come to fruition, you might want some help from a ... read more »


Volunteer vacations aren’t always cheap, so you’ll want to save money however possible; start with a good deal on airline tickets with help from the sites below.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • If you’re volunteering in the United States, don’t forget about Southwest Airlines. The company often has very low prices, but is the only major airline that doesn’t offer tickets on other travel search sites. Visit the Southwest site to find and book flights.

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Spring Break Safety

There are special considerations to make regarding your health and safety when volunteering abroad. ... read more »

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