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Africa Travel

Thanks to the continent’s unparalleled wildlife and unique cultures, Africa has become a popular vacation destination. This Africa Travel Web Guide points you to resources for everything you’d want to know about travel on this continent. The sites within offer an introduction to Africa’s history and the daily life of its people, discuss transportation and accommodation options, and provide advice and opinions from those who have traveled to Africa in the past.

General Africa Travel Resources

Because of Africa's size, seeing the entire continent in a single trip is nearly impossible. It ... read more »

Travel Requirements for Africa

When it comes to Africa, there is a lot you should know before you go. Learn about the practical ... read more »

Getting to Africa

Getting to Africa may not be the most pleasant experience if you are traveling from the United ... read more »

Hotels in Africa

Africa has a wide spectrum of places to stay. Stay on a guest farm, at a youth hostel, or in a ... read more »

Getting around in Africa

Africa is a huge continent and the infrastructure throughout its many countries is often ... read more »

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