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Travel Requirements

So by now you're probably imagining yourself reclined in a chaise lounge, a drink in your hand, and the Mediterranean at your feet. Or maybe in Germany, cycling through a landscape of wildflower-dotted fields, evergreen forests, and mountain peaks. Then you snap groggily back to reality, and realize it's time to negotiate through the paperwork you need to get you there.

Luckily, the agencies responsible for issuing travel documents and enforcing immigration have Web pages with information to make travel safe and easy.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • On the Web you can research how to obtain the following:
    • a valid passport
    • an appropriate visa, if required
    • the necessary vaccinations
    • knowledge of local health issues
    • a list of banned substances for air or rail travel
    • knowledge of what substances can legally enter a country
    • an understanding of the political and social issues facing your destination
    • travel insurance
  • Most embassies and consulates maintain Web sites with useful information relating to the logistics of foreign travel.
  • If you have any questions or doubts prior to a trip overseas, contact your embassy abroad for additional information. This may be particularly important if your trip has special circumstances, like an extended stay or business.

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